Please remember to regularly check to see if your name is on the list of students expiring this or next month!

We are now renewing licences one month in advance – this is to give us enough time to get your licences back in time for gradings and competitions. We will list your name for renewal in the month BEFORE the expiry date. Black Belts – you MUST have a current licence slip in order to attend black belt training sessions; it can take two months for slips to be returned to us after renewal so if you expect to attend a training session we advise that you renew at least TWO MONTHS prior to your expiry date (licence slip should be kept in your black book).

Listed below are the names of those whose licences need renewing soon; please see Mr Martin for a renewal form, renewal costs £38, cheques made payable to ‘Bristol TaeKwon-Do Schools’ please. Please ensure your completed form and the money is with us by the 15th of the month shown (the month BEFORE it is due to expire) or you will be hit by a late fine of £5, making a total of £43.

Licences to be renewed by 15th October

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Saxon Austin, Molly Cao, Robert Marling

Bristol South (Hengrove): Harvey Coles, Jasmine Jones

Bristol South (Southville): Perran Fletcher, Jeanne Wei, Rui Lin Wu

Licences to be renewed by 15th November

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Aleksander Andrzejewski, Gabriella Ani, Samantha Ani, Aarav Chheda, Joseph Cox, Carlo Grasso, Lauren Jones,  Janka Rugonfalvi, Kishan Dev Singh, Arushi Vasanad

Bristol South (Hengrove): Onoriode Erhirhi, Chloe Jones, Christopher Jones, Hadyn Jones, Jennifer Jones, Liam Jones, Rebecka Jones, Richard Lang, Maximillian McQuaid, Lyla Nwabueze, Daniel Smith, Freya Taylor

Bristol South (Southville):  Ravi Bakrania, Eleanor Bird, Ethan Bird, Eva Butterworth, Mike Chapman, Gabriella Cormack, Fred Doyle, David Kostrov, Nathan Krzeminski, Rani Lagha, Sendhalai Madhaven, Palaksh Mandadi, Gabor Nyari, Glenn Quartermaine, Clare Stewart

Licences to be renewed by 15th December

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Rebecca Bacon, Fiona George, Sarah George, Arjun Halaith, Andrew Mannell, Matthew Pioli, Rachel Styles, John Watkins, Di Weare

Bristol South (Hengrove): Callum Escott, Joshua Escott, James Lathlean, Emma Lloyd, Richard Pearce, Kieran Pineda, Ethan Thatcher

Bristol South (Southville): Danill Borisov, Ishmael Bradley, Helen Cave, Jeremy Clarke, Filzah Fadzil, Billie Farr-Houston, Sam Parker, Hazel Whale

Licences to be renewed by 15th January

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Fletcher Austin, Chloe Baker, James Maggs, Oliver Murdock

Bristol South (Hengrove): Taylor Chivers, Ben Li, Alexander Smith, Craig Smith

Bristol South (Southville): Charlene Chung, Alan Jones, Connor Patterson, Hannah-Jayne Smith, Luqman Syedomar, David Webb

Licences to be renewed by 15th February

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Benjamin Baker, Habeeb Cole-Akanni, Ramat Cole-Akanni, Zainab Cole-Akanni, Lee Frost, Jo Lougheed, Andy Reynolds, Wilfrid Shippam, Jeevan Thomas, Katrina Webber, Kenisha Wijewardhane, Neshika Wijewardhane 

Bristol South (Hengrove): Harvey Edwards, Mark Edwards, William Inglis, Adrian Luke, Craig Noble, Steve Siby Stephen, Tessa Siby Stephen, Jo Street

Bristol South (Southville): Laura Hinchliffe, Giovanni Lopresti, Rishikesh Madhavan, Luke Parker, Joshua Patterson, Alan Stone, Alexander Whale

Licences to be renewed by 15th March

Bristol North (Bradley Stoke): Tyler Brunt, Angela Marling, Steven Marling, Rudolf Nezbeda, Samuel Taylor

Bristol South (Hengrove): Lily Hutchinson, Ben Parsons