1. The Side Stepping Drill

This video provides an explanation of a basic side step in drill which can be used for sparring or self-defence. This is taught in a class situation and then as a partner drill. This could be used by an instructor for class ideas or individuals for their own training.

The first in a series of videos providing a set of valuable teaching aids to enhance your TaeKwon-Do. These sparring drills will be of use to both instructors looking for ideas to keep their classes fresh, and for students training casually to improve their sparring.

12.5 minutes duration.SD 720 x 400 size 361MB.

Price £2.50



3 Replies to “1. The Side Stepping Drill”

  1. After going to a couple of Master Martin’s Seminars. I knew this would worth getting. I loved watching and learning the video too teach to my students who also loved it.
    Will look forward to all the others.
    Very easy to follow with the added Master Martin humor.
    Well worth downloading.
    Love it and Thank you.