New guidelines & changes to class times

Good news! We are still training! The changes to the rules apply to indoor ‘team sports’. We are running non-contact, fully risk assessed classes which are classed as ‘exercise classes’ and as such are allowed to continue.

For those of you who enjoy reading up on the rules please click here to see the guidelines issued by our National Governing Body, the British TaeKwon-Do Council (BTC). You can also see our club covid guidelines page.

There are however, some new changes coming into force.

Face Masks

In venues where students and parents need to walk through ‘non-playing areas’ (e.g. inside the Bradley Stoke or Hengrove Leisure Centres) they MUST now wear a face mask. This applies to children over the age of 10 also. Students can then remove their mask before commencing training.

QR Codes

This is a new one we are all going to become familiar with in the weeks to come. All our venues will be displaying a QR code for attendees to scan upon entering. TaeKwon-Do students DO NOT need to do this before training as we always keep an attendance record for track and trace purposes.

Training Shoes

We have now been told that all students should NOT be training in bare feet to avoid cross contamination. We ask that you wear daps, court shoes or martial arts shoes. Trainers with a lot of padding are not ideal as they don’t give you a very firm base to stand on!

Hengrove Training Times and Locations

The new times and locations for the classes are now:

Kids Classes

  • Mondays 5 – 6pm, all belt colours, in the cafe (for now!)
  • Wednesdays 5.30 – 6.30pm, all belt colours, upstairs in studio 1

Adult Classes

  • Mondays 6.15 – 7.25pm all belt colours, in the cafe
  • Wednesdays 6.45 – 8pm all belt colours, upstairs in studio 1

We have been lead to believe that we will be returning to training in the main hall at some time in October. Watch this space!

Bradley Stoke Training Times

Kids Classes

  • Sundays 3 – 3.45pm white belt to green belt blue stripe
  • Sundays 4 – 4.45pm blue belt to black belt
  • Thursdays 6 – 6.45 white belt to green belt blue stripe
  • Thursdays 7 – 7.45 blue belt to black belt

Adult Classes

  • Sundays 5 – 6pm all grades
  • Thursdays 8 – 9pm all grades

Please note that the adult classes at Bradley Stoke will be changing from Thursday 1st October to:

  • Sundays 5 – 5.50pm all coloured belts
  • Sundays 6 – 7pm all black belts and experienced 1st kups
  • Thursdays 8 – 9pm all grades (I am currently trying to get more time on Thursdays – watch this space!)