Master Russ Martin, 7th Dan International Master Instructor


Master Russ Martin is a Seventh Dan black belt with the Tae Kwon-do Association of Great Britain. He has been a full time professional instructor in Bristol for 30 years.

Mr Martin is a fully qualified instructor with the T.A.G.B. and a qualified coach with the National Coaching Federation, whose qualifications are recognised by the Sports Council of Great Britain.

For a three year period, he was the competition coach for the Bristol Academy of Tae Kwon-do during which time they won the English Championships each year. Also, on many of their visits to compete in Great Britain, he has coached the South African International squad.

To date, he has taught over two hundred men, women and children to black belt level and beyond.

In recent years Mr Martin has specialised in ‘Applied TaeKwon-Do’, which is the practical application of TaeKwon-Do techniques for real life self-defence. He has a reputation as being the man to ask when you want to know applications for any of the TaeKwon-Do techniques!

His favourite colour is green. He likes large motorcycles. Black ones.

Ms Emma Lloyd, 3rd Dan Instructor

emmanewEmma came to our clubs as a black belt in Shotokan Karate – even so she started again with us as a white belt, she is a fully qualified instructor, and has recently been promoted to Third Dan. She often assists within the Bristol South clubs; occassionally teaching whole classes to cover for Mr Martin. Emma can often be seen either officiating or competing at both local and national TAGB events – often bringing home medals for the club!

Mr Luke Parker, 2nd Dan Instructor


Luke is a 2nd Dan black belt and fully qualified instructor. He has been assisting teaching the children’s classes and helping with adult beginners in Southville for some time. He is an enthusiastic coach and a good and clear communicator.

Mrs Diana Weare, 3rd Dan Instructor


Di is a 3rd Dan black belt and fully qualified instructor. Whilst Di may have only recently qualified as a TaeKwon-Do instructor, she had previously been a trampolining instructor and a swimming coach – and her experience at passing on knowledge to our students is proving invaluable. Di generally teaches at the Southville and Bradley Stoke clubs. Di’s son Charlie is also a black belt at the club.

Mrs Rachel Styles, 2nd Dan Instructor


Rachel is a 2nd Dan black belt and fully qualified instructor. Rachel generally teaches at the Bradley Stoke club. Rachel’s son Robert also trains at the club.

Mrs Sam Parker, 2nd Dan


Sam is a 2nd Dan black belt who often assists at the Southville club – she also happens to be married to Luke Parker, another instructor at the club!

Mr Craig Noble, 2nd Dan


Craig Noble is a 2nd Dan black belt and often assists at the Hengrove club. Craig is especially good at teaching the youngsters at the club – they seem to understand his Bristolian better than I do!

Mrs Lily Hutchinson, 1st Dan


Lily is a 1st Dan black belt who trains and assists at all three clubs! Known by many names, she is a fearsome warrior who has brought back many medals and trophies from tournaments both local and national! Lily is very dear to all of our hearts…