ITC/TCUK Southern Championships 2023

These championships will take place on Sunday 26th November at the Olympiad Leisure Centre, Sadlers Mead, Chippenham, SN15 3PA. Doors open for registration at 9am – ALL COLOURED BELT COMPETITORS TO ARRIVE BY 9.00AM ALL BLACK BELT COMPETITORS TO ARRIVE BY 11:30AM, competition commences at 10am. Entries cost £27 for non ITC members but there is a £5 discount for ITC members (£22). Spectators cost £5, under 5s spectators enter free.

These championships are open to all students training with Bristol North & Bristol South TaeKwon-Do including 10th kup white belts (you must have a full set of sparring kit in order to spar)! There is one entry fee which covers entry into patterns, sparring and destruction for those eligible to compete.

There will be the chance to compete in –

  • patterns (pattern of your grade or pattern of previous grade),
  • speed kicking for juniors, split by grade.
  • team patterns (mixed teams of between three and five competitors – cost £15 per team, enter on the day),
  • sparring (yellow tag to blue tag point stop, blue belt and above continuous),
  • destruction for adults from blue belt and above
  • tag team sparring (again teams of 3 – 5 of same height/weight division, mixed belts, cost £15 per team, enter on the day).

The full ITC/TCUK competition rules can be seen below. ENTRIES CLOSE 24 HOURS BEFORE COMPETITION.

There is ample car parking available on site but please note this is chargeable on site.

There will be a food van with snacks/coffee at the event.


Anyone under the age of 18 can enter for children’s patterns and sparring. They can also join in a mixed age/sex team for team patterns.

Junior sparring will be white, yellow and green belt together (point stop), blue and red together (continuous) and black belts separate. Height division information will be available shortly.

Junior patterns. All pattern categories will be mixed sex. The belt categories will be white, yellow, green, blue, red, black belt. Cost included in entry.

Junior speed kicking. This is a new event allowing juniors (who are not yet allowed to compete in destruction!) to compete in speed kicking against a paddle (slapper!) using front leg turning kicks, the foot should touch the floor in between each kick. The paddle will be held at the competitor’s shoulder height. Points are awarded for each kick landed in 30 seconds (competitors were reaching the high 50s!). There will be medals awarded at each belt colour (white, yellow, green, blue, red, black). Cost included in entry.

Juniors can also enter the team patterns event, either as an all junior team or in a mixed age adults/juniors team (all teams together). Team patterns are not included in the entry fee. See below for more details. Juniors will also be able to enter the Tag Team Sparring event – teams of 3 – 5 of the same height category (mixed belts – black belts separate) can enter on the day for the cost of £15 per team.


Those aged 18 and over can enter for the following:

Patterns – male and female together, separate medals for white, yellow, green, blue, red belts, 1st dan, 2nd and 3rd dan together, 4th dan+ together. Competitors can perform any pattern up to and including that of their current grade. Black belts can perform any of their current grade patterns or one of their previous grade. Cost included in entry.

Team patterns – mixed teams of between 3 and five competitors, categories will be yellow and green, blue and red, black belts. Teams can include adults and children together. Pattern performed should be the highest pattern of the most junior belt in the team. Cost £15 per team – enter on the day.

Sparring – male and female separate, categories are white, yellow and green belt together (point stop), blue and red belt together (continuous), black belts – 1st and 2nd together, 3rd dan+. Competitors will be split into groups on the day based on their weight. Cost included in the entry.

Tag Team Sparring – teams of 3 – 5 of the same weight category, mixed belts (black belts separate), cost £15 per team, enter on the day.

Destruction – open to blue belt and above aged 18+. Divisions will be split into blue/red belt and black belts. Competitors must perform a total of 5 techniques chosen from: Side kick, reverse (spinning) side kick, turning kick, inward knife hand strike, elbow or palm strike. Competitors have their choice of up to 3 white boards at once with a point awarded for each board broken (maximum of 15 points available). Medals awarded to gold, silver and bronze (male and female separate). In the event of a draw the competitors will be weighed and the award given to the lightest competitor. Cost included in the entry.

How to Enter

Before entering, please ensure you have your current ITC e-card number – please ask your instructor! Then click the following link to enter – payment can be made using the checkout on the online entry:

Online entry link: – click on the ENTER HERE button.


As ever, the more officials we have at the event the smoother it will run! Any part one qualified umpires and above who are able to help please contact Mrs Leanne Lolley (click link to email or call/text 07825 433487) to let her know – she will be VERY grateful to hear from you! You will still be able to compete on the day – please just let Mrs Lolley know if you wish to do both.

Officials should wear smart grey/black/navy trousers and sports shoes along with shirt and
tie which shows their organisations logo. If you don’t yet have a Revolution tie please ask Master Martin.
Blazer/Jackets must be worn when judging patterns.
All officials must register at official desk by the door when entering on the day.