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“Hard working but friendly club. I highly recommend Russ Martin’s Tae kwon-do clubs. I have been training there for two years now and I have never felt so healthy and confident. It is a great way to get fit, really good fun and all the clubs have a very friendly atmosphere. This is a traditional tae kwon-do class that has a strong emphasis on realistic self defence. A strong distinction is clearly made between what is trained for sport and what is trained for self defence. We will regularly train for dealing with the habitual acts of violence and defending from a variety of combat ranges (including close quarters and clinch work). Mr Martin also has an extensive knowledge of realistic and practical applications to the tae kwon-do patterns. On top of this, as a member of the Tae Kwon-do Association of Great Britain (TAGB) there is a very active and lively tournament scene. There is a good mix of local and national tournaments and we always bring back lots of medals! There is never any pressure to compete but I personally recommend giving it a go as it is a good way to put new skills to the test as well being a great day out. So in summary, if you are looking for fitness, fun, self defence and sport then this is the club for you.

– Mark

“Bristol North and South TKD Club. This is an excellent friendly club for all ages. Mr Russ Martin is an excellent instructor and is assisted by his wonderful assistant instructors. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The kids classes are a great mixture of fun and hard work for ages from 4 – 13, instilling confidence, discipline, fitness and a great circle of friends for the students and the parents who watch. In fact many of the parents watch for a few months and then join the adult class themselves which is a testament to the quality of this school. Adult classes are excellent, full of friendly helpful people who make you feel very welcome and are happy to help new people. The club is also very successful in tournaments and it is one of the best feelings ever watching your child succeeding and doing something they grow to love. Thanks to Mr Martin and his team.

– Anon

“Tae Kwon Do in Bristol. My 5 year old son started classes in North Bristol last August. We wanted a club that would help his confidence, concentration, and fitness and Mr Martin’s club certainly does all 3. I have started the classes too now and really enjoy them. They make you think as well as fit. After each class I feel energised. Mr Martins classes are friendly and open – no question is too daft to ask!

– Johnhappycamper

“Tae Kwon Do in Bristol, a fun way to learn to defent yourself. We only started Tae kwon Do with Mr Russ Martin in January 2010. Our ages range from 5 – 38 we are all beginners and attend all 6 classes as often as we can. We are a family of 4. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn self defence get fit and who wants to show their children they can learn too alongside them on an equal setting. This is an important factor in us attending Tae Kwon Do with Mr Martin. We train alongside people who have been attending Mr Martins classes for over 10 years, we spar with them, even thought we are new. Also the higher grades share what they have learnt, they dont keep it to themselves, I personally like this is a group setting, to me it shows my children people can communicate in a friendly manner whilst sharing information. We have always been comfortable in all classes, Mr Martin and his wife have always been professional and friendly in their approach to Tae Kwon Do and explain things in such a basic manner that even I manage to learn. You can train as often as you wish; this is such amazing value for such fun, fitness, socialising and learning on so many different levels. It has taken us about 2 months to keep up with the class, my level of fitness was not very high, it is now, these classes are hard and fun. We enjoy our time learning Tae Kwon Do and intend to do so for many years to come. Thank you Mr and Mrs Martin xx”


“taekwondo for everyone I started taekwondo as a way to lose a little weight, 2 years later and it’s become a part of my life. Mr Martin makes learning a difficult art, fun and addictive!

– Lordcustard

“Awesome fitness and fun for all ages If your looking to get fit, learn a martial art and have some fun at the same time, then this is the place for you. All instructors and pupils are friendly, welcoming, ready to help and have a laugh. They have a great website full of information from times and directions to their classes to whats happening and where. If this sounds like what you are looking for then i highly recommend you give it a try.

– Jovichick

“just AWESOME !!! If you fancy having an amazing time and doing sport at the same time…this is THE place to go to!!!! the lessons are awesome, the people are nice and welcoming…have a go and you will love it!!!!

– Anon

“Would recommend this training for all young people (and adults) who want to combine keep fit – self defence & fun. Excellant for children especially from 5 upwards. Instruction is first class . Whole family are delighted with what my granddaughters have achieved in short period of time. Many thanks to the whole team.

– Dave Howe

“I recommend this club to everyone, all ages. I have been training for over a year now, and love it, my fitness has improved loads. The instructors are great, they are friendly and give you loads of encouragement. I train twice a week, but also have the option to train more, at one of the other two clubs run by Mr Russ Martin.

– Steve

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“Russ Martin’s TKD – Mr Martin is a fantastic instructor. His classes are very self defence orientated and will definately get you fit. Every body is really friendly as well.” Reviewer Rating: 10 /10

– Mark