Please note that after their first grading, all students should be in possession of a T.A.G.B. Student’s handbook – these are available to purchase from Mr Martin for £5. This syllabus section is here to provide you with an on the go reminder to help you with revision – but remember, nothing you can read or watch can replace the training you receive in the Dojang with your instructor!

For children up to the age of 10 and up to third kup red tag there is a separate sheet available to download to help in learning the theory. Over the age of 10 and from second kup red belt and above, children need to learn the full syllabus as applicable to adults. There are CD’s available in helping to learn the Korean – see Mr Martin if you would like to buy one.

Click Here to Download the Kids Questions Sheet

Basic Theory/History of TaeKwon-Do

Tenth Kup (White Belt) Grading Syllabus

Sajo Jirugi 1

Sajo Jirugi 2

Ninth Kup (Yellow Tag) Grading Syllabus

Eighth Kup (Yellow Belt) Grading Syllabus

Seventh Kup (Green Tag) Grading Syllabus

Sixth Kup (Green Belt) Grading Syllabus

Fifth Kup (Blue Tag) Grading Syllabus

Fourth Kup (Blue Belt) Grading Syllabus

Third Kup (Red Tag) Grading Syllabus

Second Kup (Red Belt) Grading Syllabus

First Kup (Black Tag) Grading Syllabus

Coloured Belt Patterns

Three Step Sparring

Two Step Sparring