Bradley Stoke Sunday Classes TIME CHANGES

We are making some changes to the class times on Sundays at the Bristol North Bradley Stoke club.

Due to the popularity of the children’s class at Bradley Stoke, we have decided to give a little more time to the classes and split them up on Sundays. This means that from Sunday 23rd October there will be two separate children’s classes on Sundays (Thursday’s classes remain UNCHANGED). The timings will be as follows:-

4 – 5pm Beginner white belt 10th kups, yellow tag 9th kups, yellow belt 8th kups, green tag 7th kups

5 – 6pm Green belt 6th kups, blue tag 5th kups, blue belt 4th kups, red tag 3rd kups, red belt 2nd kups and black tag 1st kups.

The adult class on Sundays will now run from 6:10 – 7.25pm.

Please note there will be NO change to the class times on Thursdays.

We hope that these changes will allow us to give a little more individual attention to the different grades, whilst still allowing all the grades to mix together on Thursdays (particularly beneficial for sparring and partnered work).

The grade split (currently at green tag/green belt) may fluctuate in time depending on numbers. After each grading we will assess the numbers and inform parents if their child should move to the later class.

If you have any queries, as always please do contact us.