Revolution Black Belt Training Session 5th February

Black Belt Training October ’21

There will be another Revolution TaeKwon-Do Black Belt Training Session on 1-3pm on Saturday 5th February at the Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre. This session is open to all 1st Kup black stripes and all black belts.

Whilst we will be concentrating on black belt grading work, we will also attempt a non-syllabus module led by Master Mole. This will include pad work involving much closer distancing than we have been doing in class recently. This module will be optional (other options will be provided at the same time for those who do not wish to participate). Parents of younger students attending please let us know if you are happy for your child to participate.

Pre-training lateral flow tests are expected for everyone attending. If you choose to participate in Mr Mole’s training we will attempt to pair you up with one partner only for the whole session.

The cost of this session will be £10 on the door – please bring cash with you on the day. White suits please.