January 28th, Coloured Belt GradingBristol Academy, 6:30pm

July 16th Coloured Belt Grading, Ashton Park School

July 18th Coloured Belt Grading, Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre

October 15th,  Coloured Belt Grading, Ashton Park School, 5pm

October 17th, Coloured Belt Grading, Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre, 4pm

November 6th, Black Belt Grading, Ashton Park School, 1pm

Notes on Coloured Belt Gradings


Before each coloured belt grading there will be three pre-gradings held during normal classes (this is a mock exam which if passed will enable you to be entered for the grading) – one held at each of the three clubs. If you or your child intends to attend a coloured belt grading you/they MUST attend and pass a pre-grading. The dates of the pre-gradings will usually be displayed on the A frame in class and also on the main calendar on this website – if you are unsure of the dates and times of the pre-gradings please ask. If you or your child is unable to attend one of the pre-gradings for any reason, please discuss this with Mr Martin PRIOR to the pre-gradings.

Please ensure you pay the £25 for the grading by the date we will have given you. If you haven’t paid you will not be entered for the grading. Please note this is non-refundable; this means that if you fail to turn up or fail the grading the money cannot be refunded. If, however, you are ill and you give me 48 hours notice, I can withdraw you from the grading and the money can be refunded.

You can now pay for your coloured belt grading online using BACS transfer – please speak to Mr Martin if you don’t have the details.

On the Day of Your Grading

The grading will start at the time shown above. It is unacceptable to turn up late – it will be likely that you will not be able to take the grading; the grading fee will be forfeit.

Please do not embarrass me or yourself by –

  • Eating or drinking with your belt on and definitely not at all in the dojang, this goes for non-grading guests as well!!
  • Swearing.
  • Talking in the dojang during the grading.
  • Wearing a dirty or creased dobok.
  • Forgetting your belt and/or sparring kit.
  • Forgetting to bow when entering or leaving the dojang.

No eating or drinking is allowed in the dojang. Students taking the grading, including children, cannot leave until they have been formally dismissed – please listen for instructions on the night. If you have other children with you during the grading (i.e. not taking part in the grading), it is your responsibility to ensure they are supervised at all times. Thank you.