Please remember to regularly check to see if your name is on the list of students expiring this or next month!

We are now renewing licences one month in advance – this is to give us enough time to get your licences back in time for gradings and competitions. We will list your name for renewal in the month BEFORE the expiry date. Black Belts – you MUST have a current licence slip in order to attend black belt training sessions; it can take two months for slips to be returned to us after renewal so if you expect to attend a training session we advise that you renew at least TWO MONTHS prior to your expiry date (licence slip should be kept in your black book).

Listed below are the names of those whose licences need renewing soon. Renewal costs £38; Please ensure your completed form and the money is with us by the 15th of the month shown (the month BEFORE it is due to expire) or you will be hit by a late fine of £5, making a total of £43.

Licences can either be renewed by using online banking/BACS transfer or by cheque/cash.

If you are going to renew your licence using online banking/BACS transfer, please use our online form to confirm the student details before transferring the correct amount (£38 if on time, £43 if late) to the Bristol TaeKwon-Do Schools account details. If you do not have these yet we will contact you to provide them. Please note that YOU CANNOT PAY FOR YOUR LICENCE INTO THE SAME ACCOUNT WHERE YOU PAY YOUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS! YOU MUST USE THE NEW DETAILS WE SEND YOU!!

Click here to renew your licence online.

If you are renewing by cash or cheque please see Mr Martin for a renewal form/envelope to ensure we have all the correct details for you. Please make the cheque payable to ‘Bristol TaeKwon-Do Schools’ or ‘BTS’.