Competitions Calendar


February 9th 2019, South West Championships, Hutton Moor L.C. Weston-S-M

March 15th, English Championships, Coventry Skydome, Croft Rd, Coventry CV1 3AZ EVENT CANCELLED

May 10th, Welsh Championships, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff EVENT CANCELLED

September 5th, Scottish Championships

October 3rd, Southern Championships, Torbay Leisure Centre, Paignton

November 29th, British Championships

Students Guide To Entering TAGB Competitions

All local and national TAGB competitions follow the same outline – generally an entry ‘pack’ containing an entry form will be available roughly a month before the event (check this website or ask Mr Martin). This pack will contain details of the events available at the competition (local tournaments will have less categories due to having less competitors – for instance there may not be an executives category). It is very important that you thoroughly read the pack to check that you are entering the correct category for your weight or height (depending on age). Competitors will be weighed or height tested on the day – if you are in the wrong division it will cost you £10 to swap to the correct division! Each competitor then needs to fill in an entry form and return that along with the correct money to Mr Martin by the closing date listed on the pack.

All entries to national events (local area competitions costs may be cheaper) cost £15 per event (sparring/patterns/destruction – black belts only). Spectators tickets cost £10 and can be purchased in advance which will save time getting in on the day. Tag team and team pattern entries cost £15 per team of three (£5 each) – entries to be made on the day – listen out for instructions to go and register your team on the day.

Black belts wishing to officiate please put your details onto an entry form and hand it to Mr Martin even if you don’t want to compete – check the pack to see what qualification is required in order to officiate.

If you’re unsure of the competition rules you can download the tagb-rule-book-for-competitions.

Once entered, your tickets/wristbands will be sent to Mr Martin – please ensure you collect your tickets/wristbands from Mr Martin the week prior to the event. You must then wear/take this ticket/wristband to the competition. Do not forget or lose this ticket/wristband! If you forget or lose it you will have to pay the spectators fee of £10 to gain access to the competition. Entries are NOT REFUNDABLE.

BEFORE ENTERING:- Please make sure that:-
• You have a current T.A.G.B. / B.T.C. Licence. See here to check if yours is expiring soon!
• You are training regularly and understand what is expected of you.
• You are wearing a White TAGB suit, a current TAGB ‘National’ suit or a TAGB Tiger suit.
• You have a full set of TAGB sparring equipment. (i.e. boots, shin guards, groin guards (for men and boys) gloves, headguard and gum shield) that has NO DAMAGE.
• You have transport to the venue and you arrive on time.
Note: All sparring competitors may wear forearm protectors in addition to their regulation TAGB sparring equipment.

Those wishing to officiate;
• You must enter your qualification details onto an entry form even if you are not entering to compete.
• Officials must be Black Belts who have attended at least part 1 of the TAGB umpires course.
• Officials must wear the official t-shirt with smart grey or black trousers and sports shoes.
• All officials MUST bring their black belt licence booklet for stamping to record their attendance.
• You must arrive by the time specified in the competition entry pack or you will have to pay the spectators fee to enter.
• You must ensure your black book has your latest current licence slip in it – see Mr Martin to get it if yours has been renewed recently.

• The competition will start with the patterns events first, with the juniors and some designated cadet and adult divisions.
• Each competition area will be allocated with an area number that will be indicated by the number on the tablecloth and a numbered signpost. There will also be a coloured sign, signifying the belt colour and category of the current division, situated underneath the numbered signpost at head high level.
• Listen out for an announcement of the start of your division on an allocated area over the Public Address System. (You can also check the running order, which may be displayed on a plasma screen somewhere in the hall, when available.)
• All juniors will be height tested before the sparring competition starts at an allocated area (e.g. all yellow belt boys, all heights).
• All cadets & adults will be weighed in before they spar at the allocated area for that division. Failure to be height tested / weighed in will result in a competitor not being entered for the sparring event (if they are competing in the sparring event).
• You must make sure that you are in the right competition area at the right time; If you are unsure, then you must ask your instructor or an official.
Please note that the officials will ask competitors the name of their club – this will be either ‘Bristol North’ or ‘Bristol South’ – parents especially please ensure your children know the name of their club. Thanks.