SouthWest Championships 2020

The 2020 TAGB South West Area Championships were held on Sunday 9th February at the Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, Weston Super Mare BS22 8LY.

This is one of the best tournaments of the year in my opinion; it’s close to Bristol, it’s smaller than the national tournaments and is run by West of England instructors and black belts. This year was bigger than many previous (except for the 40th anniversary tournament which had 30 more competitors). We brought home a good variety of medals, although we seemed to miss getting any golds this year..

Congratulations to:

Mark Edwards (black belt sparring bronze)
Joe Cox (red belt bronze sparring)
Laura Hinchliffe (red belt silver patterns, bronze sparring)
Benayak Karki (red belt silver sparring)
Jennifer Jones (blue belt bronze sparring and patterns)
Bella Martin (blue belt silver patterns)
Laila Loveridge (blue belt silver tag team sparring)
Adrian Michalski (green belt silver sparring)
Tuqa Lynch (green belt bronze sparring)