Christmas & New Year 2018 Training Information

Kicking Santa

Ho Ho Ho!

Yes, it’s nearly that time of year again! As usual we do try to keep the disruption to your training schedule to a minimum (we know how important it is to burn off some of those mince pies!). We are constrained somewhat by the various centres either closing completely throughout the period, or else closing too early for us to train. We’re also aware that there are a lot of festive activities which take you away from your training – as class sizes tend to dwindle during the period, we cut the senior grade classes and merge them into the junior grade adult classes. With all that in mind, here are the training dates for the festive period:

There will be no senior classes (all adult colour belts in together in the earlier class) on the following dates in December:

  • Weds 12th(Hengrove)
  • Sun 16th(Bradley Stoke)
  • Weds 19th(Hengrove)
  • Sun 23rd(Bradley Stoke)

There is NO TRAINING on Monday 24th December through to and including Monday 1st January.

There will however be one ‘extraordinary’ training session between Christmas and New Year on Thursday 27th December at the Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre:

Kids Class 5 – 6pm. All adults 6 – 7pm. Students from all clubs will be most welcome!

Training resumes as normal on Wednesday 2nd January at the Hengrove Park Leisure Centre and at other clubs subsequently.