Coronavirus (AKA Covid-19) – online training!

As we are all now in lockdown and TaeKwon-Do classes have had to stop until we out the other side of this crisis, we have now moved online! Some of you may already have seen some of our videos on our YouTube Channel – if not, do go and take a look (and please remember to subscribe). I am trying to add more to it as often as I can (weather, family and technical team availability allowing!). I am aiming at producing material that will allow you to continue your training as much as is possible alone, in your living rooms or back gardens. So far I am putting together separate videos on:

Warm Ups


Line Work

Set Sparring

Technical and Fitness Drills

TaeKwon-Do Dojang Modules

Stretching and Cool-Downs (to come!).

I would encourage you all to video your own performance where possible, and watch it back – be self critical! I am also happy to watch your videos and give you individual feedback – you can send me videos via facebook messenger (my profile is Russ Tkd Martin) or whatsapp using my mobile number +447778421875 or even upload them directly to our facebook group if you’re happy for them to be seen by all club members (if you’re not already a member, ask to join and answer the questions and we’ll get you in!).

Zoom! Live Tutorials!

As of Monday 30th March, we will be starting twice weekly online Zoom lessons! At the moment I am planning three separate sessions each on a Monday and Thursday – for kids, coloured belt adults and black belts. Each session will be 40 minutes long. These sessions work by each student signing up for a zoom account and then joining our meeting – ideally you will be in your dobok and belt, if indoors then barefoot if your flooring is safe, outdoors in trainers, and if you can either persuade someone to hold your phone/tablet/computer or prop it somewhere safe so you can both see and here me and I can see and hear you back then that will be great. Please remember to have a good look around you before you start training – you may need to enlist some help to move a bit of furniture to make some space – and move anything that you may knock over (time to move the ming vase! And PLEASE don’t kick your TV over – I really can’t be responsible for breakages!) and also be aware of any light fittings above you! Please be aware that this meeting is open to all club members and THEY CAN ALL SEE AND HEAR INSIDE YOUR HOUSE – you can choose to turn off your video/microphone but of course if I can’t see you then I can’t give you any feedback.

Mondays & Thursdays (every week until further notice) – click on each to follow the link. I will open the meeting 5 minutes before each class to enable everyone to get ready.

Please note, it is my intention to record these sessions and upload them onto our YouTube channel – I will post a link to the playlist here once we’ve been successful! That way if you miss a session, or want to repeat it because you loved it so much, you can do so in your own time.

I’m very new to this technology so please do bear with me while we work through some inevitable initial teething troubles but I’m hoping these sessions will not only enable you to help you keep your TaeKwon-Do skills going, but also to feel that we are all still part of our happy TaeKwon-Do family!

Before I go, I’ve had quite a few students and parents contact me to say they have cancelled their subscriptions. To those of you considering doing this I would ask you to remember that this is my job – I am there six nights a week for you and very much hope to still be doing so once this is all over. But if all (or even a percentage) of my students stop their subscriptions throughout this period, there may not be a club there for you to come back to. If you can, I would ask that you maintain your monthly membership. I will be doing all I can to continue providing you a TaeKwon-Do service.

Russ Martin