New Student Handbook Now Available

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Our long awaited new Student Handbooks for coloured belts are here! These books replace (and are much better than!) the old TAGB student handbooks. The book has been put together by Mr Martin with lots of help from Mrs Martin. It contains hundreds of photos – of all the coloured belts techniques, hand & foot parts, targets, stances & set sparring. There are breakdowns of all the patterns, plus of course the pattern & belt meanings. Also full of useful tips & tricks to make your patterns even better, plus of course the theory necessary to learn for each grade. Oh and there’s a section on the history of TaeKwon-Do and a deeper explanation of the pattern meanings.

Whilst we are not making it compulsory for every student to buy one, we would very strongly recommend you getting one as it works alongside our in-class teaching to further explain how techniques should be performed and their function.

Get yours from Mr Martin now! They will be available at every class and payment should be made via BACS once you have your copy. Cost £15.