New Club Suits

The long awaited new club suit design has arrived! As you can see, it very closely resembles the old Bristol South club suit but now also incorporates the Revolution TaeKwon-Do logos. We have decided to go with one colour design for all the clubs rather than the original green tops for the north suits – we are after all one family! The suit is a very comfortable fit and is made from the same quality Polyester/Cotton mix fabric as our standard white doboks.

These suits are available for all those training in our adult classes plus any blue belts and above from the kids classes.

The suits cost £40 each. These suits are made for us especially and so we must compile your orders and payments IN ADVANCE – delivery then takes approximately 8 weeks.

To place your order please either see Mr Martin in person, or send an email to and then make your payment into the HSBC Bristol TaeKwon-Do Equipment account (THIS IS NOT THE NORTH SUBS ACCOUNT!) – without payment we cannot accept the order.

Please note ALL students will still also need a standard white dobok for attending any gradings or seminars. These suits can be worn to most training sessions however, and can even be worn to most ITC competitions!

We will close this round of orders by 14th February.