South West Championships 2013

Trophy winners

Proud Bristol North kids

This year’s TAGB South West Regional championships took place on Saturday 23rd February at the Salisbury Leisure Centre. The South West championships are my favourite tournament of the year, I like the venue, I like the drive down there and I like being surrounded by West of England students and instructors!

The day was made extra exciting by a fire alarm driving the entire tournament outside into the snow! Please see the list of medal winners below, congratulations to the boys tag team ‘fists of fury’ for getting gold, to Ben Bennett for getting gold at sparring. The star of the day for me has to be Kimbo ‘bagel’ Golding for getting gold at sparring.

I guess we’re aiming at the Welsh and the World next! World Championships details and entry forms can be found on the TAGB website here.

Club Results

Ben Bennet, Gold medal, boys green belt lightweight sparring
Tyler Brunt, Bronze medal boys green belt middleweight sparring, bronze medal boys green belt patterns and gold medal boys yellow/green belt tag team sparring
Alanta Fielding, Bronze medal ladies red belt middleweight sparring
Kim Golding, Gold medal, ladies green belt heavyweight sparring
Giovanni Lopresti, Silver medal, mens blue belt middleweight sparring
Jamie Lopresti, Silver medal, boys red belt lightweight sparring
Becci Quick, Bronze medal ladies yellow belt heavyweight sparring
Robert Styles, Gold medal boys yellow/green tag team sparring
Sam Taylor, Bronze medal, boys blue belt lightweight sparring, gold medal boys yellow/green tag team
Neshika Wijewardhane, Silver medal, girls blue belt patterns