Coloured Belt Grading January ’17 – success!

Mr Martin presenting the grading award to Hannah-Jayne Smith

Thursday 26th January saw another successful coloured belt grading take place at the Bristol TaeKwon-Do Academy. I am pleased to say everyone was successful, many people passing with ‘A’ and plus passes! The grading awards went to Hannah-Jayne Smith for Bristol South (see photo) and Ramat Cole-Akanni for Bristol North. 

My feedback from the grading (to kids and adults alike) ; many of your L-stances were too short and too high. Reaction hands need pulling further back on the hip and many side kicks looked like turning kicks performed with the footsword at the end! None of this surprises me – I nag about these things all the time! 

Also, clearly some people had not learnt ANY theory! Particularly the kids. Good performances have been marked as low because of this – shame.

On a positive note, the energy and effort was amazing! You make me proud.