Coronavirus Lockdown #2

Here we go again!

As we are all now in lockdown again, unfortunately this means no ‘live’ TaeKwon-Do sessions. TaeKwon-Do will continue on Zoom for now. I will be aiming give you all one syllabus class per week. These will focus specifically on the syllabus for your belt colour/grade. I will also put on a couple of the ever popular ‘fighting fit’ sessions. These will include, as the name suggests, fighting techniques with fitness work. These are generally quite hard work!

Please be aware that the weekly schedule will change! We will put the schedule up on the website every Sunday so please do come and check. The page to go to is our online Zoom training page which can be found in the Members area of the site. We often chat on our Facebook page too so do check it out – it’s a nice way to keep in touch.

How Does it Work?

It’s time to refresh your memories of how the Zoom sessions work; there is a guide on the Zoom page when you follow the link above. As before, there is a password to get into our zoom session – it hasn’t changed! If you are struggling to remember it or are new to the Zoom sessions, please text Mr Martin on 07778421875 and he can provide you with the password.

Please remember to wear your doboks and belts, make sure the area you are training in is clear (parents please restrain any younger siblings!) and remember that we can SEE you throughout the sessions! As before, microphones will be muted once the session starts, wave if you need to ask a question. If you are late to the session you may not get in as this time we don’t have our assistant on hand during sessions (she lives in London now!) so Mr Martin is flying solo. Get there on time! Oh and please don’t phone or text on Mr Martin’s phone during the zoom session, as he is using it to DO the zoom session so won’t answer!

Mr Martin is available during the day for individual zoom sessions – please contact us if you’d like some extra training.

We often turn the microphones on at the end of the sessions to give everyone five minutes to catch up. For you adults working from home I think this is important too.

Once again, we appreciate that this is a tough time for us all, let’s hope we’re out of this in time for some Christmas training! Please look after yourselves and most importantly, stay safe. See you on zoom!