*Update* Covid & Training Before Christmas 2021

**Updated Sunday 19th December**

Hi All. Given the current covid situation I am now shutting the clubs a little early for Christmas: This Sunday 19th (today) is the last session in Bradley Stoke. Monday 20th the last in Hengrove and Tuesday 21st the last in Ashton.
Wednesday 22nd Hengrove and Thursday 23rd in Bradley Stoke are cancelled.

Given the current unclear covid situation this seems a sensible compromise between the options of keeping going no matter what and stopping immediately.

For these last sessions please wear Christmas hats and jumpers.

We restart Tuesday 4th January. I am expecting socially distanced Taekwondo for a while.

If we don’t see you before, Happy Christmas from Mrs Suzi Martin and myself.

I have been talking with Mr John McNally, the head of the International Taekwondo Council about the current situation and have read the ITC advice that has been published.

At least for now, I am returning the Taekwondo in my clubs to solo performance.

This means training will, for now, consist of patterns, linework, solo sparring and self-defence drills and fitness and stretching.

I would ask all students and parents coming into leisure centres to wear a mask (students can remove masks before training commences), and also ask that where possible parents avoid coming into the dojang. We have maintained our one way system at most venues and will continue to do so – parents at Bradley Stoke are reminded to collect your child from the fire exit around the back of the leisure centre. I will continue to temperature check on arrival and ask that you all use the hand sanitiser upon entry and exit of the dojang (let’s get into the habit of bow/spray!).

Legal conditions do not require this currently, but it does seem sensible, particularly with Christmas looming. Also, it seems that the law is changing today (Tuesday 14/12/21). If you are in close contact with a person who has a positive Covid test AND you are fully vaccinated, you need not isolate but you are strongly advised to take a daily lateral flow test for seven days. If you are not fully vaccinated, you must isolate for ten days.

It may be that in the New Year we return to staggered class times allowing more space between people – this will be reviewed after the Christmas/New Year break.

Lateral flow tests: please if possible, perform a lateral flow test before coming to Taekwondo. A pain in the butt I know but this is a simple way to keep us all safe.

Of course, anyone with any potential Covid symptoms, please do not come to Taekwondo – you should get a PCR test and isolate. For further information please see the NHS website here.

Hopefully this will pass and we will move towards Spring and continue with our new and Exciting Revolution Taekwondo.