Coloured Belt Gradings January 2022

Black Belt Certificate presentation at a coloured belt grading

It’s grading time again! There will be two coloured belt gradings in January – for the two Bristol South clubs the grading is at 5.15pm on Friday 21st January at the Ashton Park School venue. For Bristol North the grading is at 4.15pm on Sunday 23rd January in the Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre.

Please note there will be NO TRAINING SESSIONS ON THE ABOVE DATES. On Friday 21st at Ashton Park we will instead be putting on one session for the adult class from 6.30 – 7.30pm. All classes at Bradley Stoke on the Sunday 23rd are cancelled to make way for the grading.

All 10th Kup white belt beginners who are ready to grade will be given a letter inviting them to grade. Please remember, in order to grade you must be up to date with your subscription fees, have filled in a licence application form and paid the fee for the yearly licence (at some point in the past 12 months) and you must have a white suit (dobok). Any problems please speak to Mr Martin as soon as possible. We also need a photograph of you/your child – we will be taking these over the next few lessons.

Please note that as we have been unable to spar or do any set sparring (3 step or 1 step) for the past couple of months we do not feel we can currently grade any students from blue belt and above – these is a senior grade and we really need to be able to assess the student’s ability at sparring and set sparring. We have taken the decision to defer these gradings until April when we hopefully will be able to assess these students full abilities. I hope you all understand.

Those coloured belts who are eligible to grade this time will have this confirmed in person by Mr Martin. Children will be given slips (which I hope they will actually give to you!) confirming their entry into the grading for their club. Anyone who CANNOT attend the grading for any reason please discuss it with Mr Martin ASAP.

The grading costs £25 and payment needs to be made into the Bristol TaeKwon-Do Schools account by Wednesday 19th January at the latest. If no payment is received by this date you/your child will be withdrawn from the grading.

Student Handbooks are available to purchase from us for £15 – payment to be made by BACS transfer into the equipment account please.

Good luck to all those grading. Remember, STANCES, POWER and ATTITUDE!