Post July 19 Training

With the Covid restrictions gone, this does of course mean some changes to Taekwondo in our clubs – having said that, I say that I am still going to be taking a cautious approach!
Firstly some changes to class times starting from Tuesday 20 July:

Bradley Stoke classes

Please still enter from the leisure centre and leave by the back door. There will be no separate Black Belt classes until late September.

Kids all grades 6.05-7.25pm
Adults 7.35-8.55pm

Kids 4.05-5.25pm
Adults 5.35-6.55pm

Ashton Park Classes

Adult classes start 5 minutes earlier at 6.10pm.

Tuesdays and Fridays at Ashton Park

5 – 6pm Children 14 and under
6:10 – 7.30 Children 15 and over and all adults

Hengrove remains unchanged with outdoors on a Monday and Wednesday in the Whitchurch hall. I am pestering Hengrove daily! As soon as we have news about a return to indoor training there I will send out another newsletter.

Now regarding the day to day TaeKwon-Do: I will still be checking temperatures and we will be sanitising hands.
We train again in bare feet. We kick pads and we spar so bring your sparring gear!
PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN SANITISING WIPES – INCLUDING KIDS – I cannot supply enough for everyone.
We will wipe our gloves and boots regularly, and wipe down the pads.
We will do floor work but still NO KIHAP (shouting).
We will do three step and one step sparring but keep the counter attacks to distanced strikes and kicks. No grappling, grabbing, knees or elbows. No skin contact.

For now at least. I know this will frustrate some people but tough, it’s a compromise! We still need to do all we can to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Still, do not come training if you have any covid symptoms or have been told to isolate.

Let’s train with more realism, let’s do more of what we enjoy but maintain a degree of caution.