Returning to Indoor Training for Adults

Great news today – Boris says yes to us getting back to training indoors! We will still be being very careful of course – certainly the adult indoor classes will remain non-contact and socially distanced for now. We hope these restrictions will lift on June 21st, let’s all keep our fingers crossed. Under 17s the rules are more relaxed indoors – less social distancing and contact is now allowed.

I would ask everyone to still remember that covid is still out there – if you

  • have a positive covid test (either lateral flow or PCR)
  • you or anyone in your family has any covid symptoms
  • have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus


Adults in particular please remember to keep your distance when coming into and out of class. Please keep on washing your hands and keeping your kit clean. We cannot allow parents to sit in on classes yet either.


As you may have heard, sadly we are unable to use the Hengrove Park Leisure Centre until the end of June (though I have had assurances that they will be doing all they can to get us back in there as soon as possible – phew!). I have managed to find us a temporary home back in the Whitchurch Community Centre (our club’s old home!) for Wednesday evenings – unfortunately they are fully booked on Mondays.

For now, we will continue with outdoor sessions behind the Hengrove Leisure Centre on Mondays. If the weather is too bad we will revert to Zoom (I will send out texts and post on Facebook if this happens).

For this Wednesday (12th May) only, due to the covid restrictions, I will run an indoor children’s class ONLY at the Whitchurch Community Centre. So that’s all kids aged 17 and under, 5.30 – 6.30, Weds 12th May at the Whitchurch Community Centre, Bristol Road, Whitchurch Bristol BS14 0QB. Adults, if the weather is fair, I will run a class for you outside the Hengrove Leisure Centre from 7pm that night (if the weather is too bad for an outdoor class I won’t be able to provide a Zoom session for adults that night, that class will therefore be cancelled).

For now, I would ask that parents continue to drop their children off for the class and return to collect them at the end – we are still restricted to the numbers we can have indoors so where possible I would like to keep that space for training students and not spectators.

I would like to pass on my huge thanks to Emma Lloyd who has been running the outdoor classes in Hengrove for us. Work commitments prevent her from continuing, so I will now be running these classes in person. This of course means there will be no Zoom sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays after today – you’ll have to come and train in real life instead!

Hengrove Timetable From Monday 17th May:

Mondays – Outside the Hengrove Leisure Centre (dress appropriately)
5.30 – 6.15pm children’s class
6.20 – 7pm adult class
Note: If the weather is too bad to train outdoors, I will instead do online Zoom classes.

Wednesdays – Whitchurch Community Centre, Bristol Road, Whitchurch Bristol BS14 0QB
5.30 – 6.25 Children 14 and under
6.35 – 7.30 Children 15 and over and all adults

Ashton Park

From Tuesday 18th May all classes at Ashton Park will be moving indoors:

Tuesdays and Fridays
5 – 6pm Children 14 and under
6:15 – 7.30 Children 15 and over and all adults

Bradley Stoke

From Thursday 20th May all classes at Bradley stoke will be moving indoors to the main sports hall:

6-6:50pm Children up to the age of 14 white belt beginners to blue stripes
7-7:50 Children up to the age of 14 blue belt and above
8-9pm Children 15 and above and adults all grades

3-3:50pm Children up to the age of 14 white belt beginners to blue stripes
4-4:50pm Children up to the age of 14 blue belt and above
5-6pm Children 15 and above and adults all grades

Adults at Bradley Stoke please note, I am hoping that the leisure centre will be extending their opening hours on Sundays to 7pm soon – as soon as this happens I will be looking to reinstate black belt classes. Watch this space.