Returning to Indoor & Outdoor Training April/May 2021

Here are the current plans for our Taekwondo in the months ahead.

As of April 12th, as per current government restrictions, classes for seventeen years and under will restart in Bradley Stoke leisure centre and Ashton park school starting with Ashton Park on Tuesday April 13th. Hengrove leisure centre is not reopening to us at that point, so we will instead be doing some outdoor classes next to or behind the Leisure Centre. We will also be doing one outdoor class per week (for adults ONLY) at Ashton Park school and one at the Little Stoke Playing Fields (Bradley Stoke).

The outdoor classes for the Hengrove club will include a class for children as well, as we aren’t yet able to offer them indoor classes.

For the time being, there will still also be Zoom sessions running on Mondays and Wednesdays with Mr Martin – these sessions will be open to students from any of Mr Martin’s clubs, and can be attended along side the live classes if you wish.

Mondays & Wednesdays on Zoom
5pm children’s class
6pm All beginners
6.50pm Adults class

Hengrove Classes

Mondays and Wednesdays at Hengrove Park (either in the park behind or on the hard standing next to the Leisure Centre depending on the state of the surface) from Monday 12th April – every Monday and Wednesday.
5.30 – 6.15pm children’s class
6.20 – 7pm adult class
These sessions will be hosted by Ms Emma Lloyd.

Ashton Park Classes

Tuesdays and Fridays at Ashton Park (from Tuesday April 13th) –
5-6pm for under 12 years white belt and up to and including blue belts.
6.15-7.25pm for those aged 12-17 years of all grades and ANYONE 17 and under that are red stripe and above.

Adults outdoor sessions at Ashton Park School will be on Tuesdays 7.30pm – 8.30pm, commencing on Tuesday 13th April, on a floodlit court immediately next to the hall where we already train – please go through the iron gates.

Bradley Stoke Classes

Initially, these classes will be held upstairs in what is now called The Meeting Room (previously the Bronte Suite) where we used to train on Sundays. This is a temporary measure, we hope to return to the main hall in May.

Thursdays and Sundays at Bradley Stoke (from Thursday April 15th)-
6-6:50pm White belts to blue stripes up to the age of 11.
7-7:50pm Blue belts to black stripes up to the age of 11.
8-9pm everyone aged 12-17 – all grades.
3-3:50pm white belts to blue stripes up to the age of 11.
4-4:50pm blue belts to black stripes up to the age of 11.
5-6pm all grades aged 12-17.
A few higher grades were coming to the earlier classes with their younger siblings prior to lockdown; they are still welcome to do so on the understanding that their class cannot be as catered for their grade and their experience as if they were in the later class.

Adults outdoor session at Bradley Stoke in the Little Stoke Playing Fields will be on Sundays at 6.30pm, commencing Sunday 18th April.

Returning to Safe Training

Before returning to real-life training, it is very important that you please re-read the information on our club covid guidelines page. I would request that you please go through our covid checklist (parents please go through this with your child) before coming to ANY session, and of course I remind you to sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the hall. We will be training in trainers as before, and I will be checking your temperatures upon arrival.

Regarding outdoor training at any of the three venues, if the weather is atrocious the classes will be cancelled. Please check on the facebook group or text Mr Martin if in doubt. Please note we are less likely to cancel the Ashton Park session due to the quality of the surface and the lighting (wrap up!). It goes without saying that students need to dress appropriately for the weather conditions – doboks are unnecessary for outdoor training but please wear your belts. Wooly hats and gloves are optional!

The current plan is that adults will join us indoors from May 17th. We will still be practicing socially distanced training with the same safety measures as before.

From June 21st, normal Taekwondo training should resume with sparring, two person drills, pad work and more! We will of course give you more information closer to that date.

Sadly, the Bristol Taekwondo Academy has now been sold. Future gradings will be held elsewhere. Initially, we are planning a coloured belt grading on Thursday May 27th at the Bradley Stoke leisure centre. I don’t expect many of my students to be ready or eligible for this grading, however I am hopeful that I will be able to offer you gradings in your own clubs in July. Whilst this is not ideal for many Bristol South students, given the current uncertainties, it’s the best that I can come up with. At least parking won’t be a problem. Going forward, I do not expect South Bristol students to travel to Bradley Stoke to grade; this is a “one off”. It is my aim that you will grade much closer to home in the future.

We will keep you informed as the dates approach.