South West Area Online Patterns Competition 2021

As there are no ‘real’ competitions currently taking place due to lockdown and covid restrictions, the South West area of the TAGB are arranging an ‘online’ patterns competition. This competition is free to enter! The top three competitors from each division (see entry pack below) will be entered into the National Final. These will be judged by selected officials as soon as possible after all areas have completed their regional finals.

DATE OF EVENT: Sunday 14th February 2021 (this is when the patterns will be judged – results will be announced soon after).
VENUE: Your Place

Please click here to download the full entry pack with more details on the individual categories and how to enter.

Students should be videod in the biggest space available – I would recommend heading outside on a dry day! If possible use a tripod! Please ensure that all of the student is visible in the shot at all times (but likewise they shouldn’t be a speck in the distance).

Videos should then be uploaded to a secure area on the South West area website, and will ONLY be viewed by the officials selected to judge that category (they will not be publicly available), before being removed. Please note, you can only upload videos ONCE – you cannot change your mind and upload a better one! With this in mind, I am happy for you to send me your videos first, for me to view and appraise, BEFORE you upload them. These can be sent by email or whatsapp.

This event is open to all students holding a current TAGB licence; if you’re not sure if your licence is up to date, please contact Mr Martin ASAP and definitely BEFORE entering the competition!

Patterns can be performed/filmed and submitted any time between Monday 18th January and Friday 12th February 2021.

Officials who would like to officiate at this event on 14th February should submit their details via our area website by 1st February 2021. Officials will be selected and informed by Saturday 13th February 2021.