TaeKwon-Do in January 2021

Updated Thursday 7th January: Now that we are once again in full lockdown, I have moved back to Zoom classes five nights a week. The full schedule for the classes will be updated each weekend on the ‘Online Live Zoom Training’ page – go to Classes, then select Online Live Zoom Training. I change the schedule each week so that I can accommodate all the different ages and grades I have training, and just to be able to vary the content I am giving. Please check the schedule on Sunday evenings to see what will be happening in the forthcoming week.

I am also offering one to one zoom sessions daily from 11am – 4pm. Please contact me if you would like some individual attention for yourself or your child during these times.

Speaking to parents now; on zoom, I sometimes see inappropriate behaviour from children and teenagers. From twerking at the camera, hitting their siblings, going on their phones and in one regular case removing their clothing in front of the camera! It is not just me that can see people on zoom – all the other students can too! Behaviour that is inappropriate to a TaeKwon-Do class will lead to the student being put in the waiting room. They will be re-admitted after a 5 minute ‘time-out’, but if the behaviour persists they will be removed from the session and I will contact their parents.

As much as possible, on zoom, I am expecting the same discipline and behaviour as in class. Where you can, please, supervise your children. I know that for some of you, the zoom TaeKwon-Do can be a break from intensive parenting. Please just keep half and eye – or read them the riot act!